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English and Italian

Lorna Darelius

Life is all about second chances.

So is proofreading.

I'm here to make sure you won't be haunted by typos, continuity glitches, grammar fumbles, and other totally understandable mistakes in your short or long-form manuscript. I transcribe interviews and notes with archive-ready accuracy. I can also check the Italian dialogue in your English novel, tweak the English dialogue in your Italian novel, or consult with you on Sicilian life and culture. In short: I obsess about minutia, so you don't have to. 

May I help you?

Hours are flexible. Skills are solid.

smart, intuitive proofreading

Even if you have mad writing skills, there's a point where you've looked at a manuscript so many times you can't see it anymore. That's where I come in. Fresh eyes. Sharp pencil.

fast, accurate transcription

Research and archival interviews, meeting minutes, letters, blog posts, that novel you've been dictating into your phone -- whatever. You talk. I listen. I type. You take it from there. 

fluent, conversational Italian

I love my dual US/Italian citizenship and adore the melody and flow of both languages. I can build a bridge between the two and help you create authentic portraits of Sicilian people and places. 

"A different language is a different vision of life."

~ Federico Fellini


Let's take your manuscript to the next level.

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